Brand Portraits

The small community of Hepburn Springs won a great battle in 1865 to save something rare that others didn’t understand, the mineral springs.

Today it is recognised that 80% of all naturally occurring mineral springs in Australian are in the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area.

Quietly and persistently over many generations the landscape and the water that comes from it has been cared for and protected by unrecognised and self-styled custodians.

These people are not champions or hero’s but people who have walked to the sound of their own drum. They have understood that the magic of ‘the waters’ is greater than simply the water its self but the entire landscape from which it comes.

Graeme Leith

Reimagining the local Swiss – Italian viticulture tradition one glass at a time.

Anne Bremner

5th generation organic farmer, keeper and protector of the pure Lyonville soil.

Brian Cross

Moved to Ulina and unknowing echoed his lost family tradition of hotelier and grower.

Robin Cook

Keeper of his family knowledge of Deep Spring and the secret life of mineral water.

Robert Lowne

Bob the Butcher of Clunes. Australia’s oldest butcher and purveyor of the paddock to plate ideal.

Joan Burke


Donna Todd, Photographer

Donna is a leading Australian photographer and entrepreneur. She has collected over 100 major international photographic awards over her 20+ year career. Her images have been published in scores of magazines and books, and have appeared in many exhibitions around the world. Her written word and her personal story have been told in iconic photographic journals.

She has worked with aid organizations in many developing countries including Mongolia, Nepal, Mexico, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia & Africa. She undertakes personal photographic projects on subject’s that interest her, such as spending weeks living with the Reindeer People of Far North Mongolia in the Siberian Mountains.

Donna began her photography initially as a staff member on metropolitan daily newspapers shooting news, sport and fashion in Australia. She spent some time living in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia where she created our Spring Creek portraits and is now based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Donna has photographed all the portraits for Spring Creek.